Type: three fixed-forged steel soft seal ball valve, forged steel soft sealed floating ball valve, two-cast steel fixed ball valve, two-cast soft sealed floating ball valve, dual piston effect soft seal ball valve, fully welded ball valve, hard seal ball valve
    Size: 1/2 ~ 56 ""
    Pressure rating: 150LB - 2500LB
    Body Material: ASME B16.34

    The ball valve products structural advantages and features:
    1, advanced product design, procurement SDRC's I-Deas computer software, the valve structure modeling three-dimensional design and finite element analysis, more reasonable product structure, excellent performance.
    2, product manufacturing using high precision CNC machine tools and machining centers for machining, product quality assurance. With imported devices, the device is equipped with.
    3, the ball valve valve products strictly in accordance with the API, ASME standard design, manufacture, inspection and testing, micro leak valve to achieve the requirements.
    4, the valve opening and closing time is relatively short, the ball rotated 90 ° to complete the requirements of the fully open or fully closed. By the initial pretension than pressure to ensure the sealing of the low-pressure, internal pressure to achieve high pressure sealing, good sealing performance, long service life, and the medium flow unrestricted.